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My Advice? Don’t buy a car.

My Advice? Don’t buy a car. published on

day one of my adventure into the physical realm of car-buying. Mind you, I’d spent ages online, I researched, I googled, I edmund’s and I read and read and read…I’d already long since given up on a BMW X5, having easily calculated the payment would be insane. I had instead “settled” for an X3, but even that was just not feasible. For a full ten grand less, I opened up the possibilities to at least a half dozen other small SUV’s. Huyndai, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, and yes, even trusty old Honda.
Anyway, my SO, my boyfriend, he who is affectionately known as he, him, and the bf, had insisted that regardless of all the foregoing, I really needed to drive them. So as I was saying, today I ventured into the real-world side of car shopping. First of all, let me just say, salesmen suck. I mean seriously. Some schmooze you. Some ignore you. Some are senseless and some are stupid. Some are braggarts and some are silent. They all want to make money. And they all want you to pay.
Long story short, drove nearly all of them. I decided to narrow it down to the Toyota or the Honda. I was surprised. Truly. But hey, it’s a Honda. And so now the fun begins… buying a car.