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No Comments on why?

some answers to questions i get asked a lot:

q: why the woodlands?
a: because i live here, duh.

q: why the biotch?
a: well, it has been my observations over the years that a great number of women living here in the woodlands are bitches. and as such, they really don’t like to be called on it. it’s like they think they’re living in an episode of ‘the real housewives’ – or should be. me, on the other hand, know that i’m not better than anyone because of where i live. i have a deep appreciation for what i have, because i work my ass off for it. and i (for the most part, anyway) don’t take any shit from anyone. so for a lot of people i interact with around here, they think that i’m a bitch, too. and i suppose in some ways i can agree with that. but in other ways, i see myself differently. so i’m a biotch. not a bitch. …or something.

q: why the anonymity?
a: when i first started this blog, i had two major reasons – first and foremost i have a whole ex-life that i’d like to leave very much in the past, thank you. unfortunately a great deal of it lives within about 20 miles of me, and has even crossed paths with me a few times over the years. so that part of my past doesn’t need to know what’s going on with me, or where i am, or who i am. the second reason is at the time i started this blog, i was working in an area of employment which is required to adhere to ‘privilege.’ so even though i’m always careful to not name names, or be too specific, i figure it’s best to cover my ass with as many layers of protection as possible.

q: okay… so why stay anonymous now?
a: well, for one, there’s the fact that my family doesn’t know this is me – and you may have noticed i’m not exactly very friendly in my posts about some of them, so there’s that. second, unfortunately my universe still interacts with the universe of my past. third, now that i’m self-employed, even though i’m not legally obligated to protect my clients identities, i still do. for one, they pay the bills. i like having money to pay the bills. also, i might make fun of them, but that doesn’t change the fact that i do great work for them, and would like them to tell other people that, so that i can possibly do great work for those people, too. so it’s probably helpful if i never directly insult somebody. and finally – what are you a stalker or something? you don’t need to know who i am or where i live unless i say you do. sheesh. let it go already. if i want you to know who i am, you’ll know. if i don’t, you won’t. simple as that.

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