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Service AFTER the sale…

Service AFTER the sale… published on

Is it too much to ask? Seriously, is it? You couldn’t get the color right, you couldn’t get the price right, you couldn’t get the interior right, you couldn’t get the accessories right and you couldn’t do any of the above in a timely manner… and then you couldn’t even be there to put the plates on after you told me to come on up, and you’d be there. Seriously!! So, no, i do not want the Streater-Smith license plate frame on the back of my car!

If i have these kind of issues with the service department like i’ve had with the sales department, hell hath no fury, let me tell you. Apparently the only one up there at Streater-Smith that doesn’t suffer from a constant case of head-up-ass-syndrome is David in finance; and even then he’s (sorry to say, but it’s true) mechanically challenged (next time, dude, get a metric socket set when attempting to install bolts intended for a japanese car – i’m just sayin’).