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a change would do me good

a change would do me good published on

aside from the fact that the woodlands development company would probably appreciate it if i stopped using their name in association with my blog (not that they ever asked, which, frankly, is shocking), i’ve been planning on changing the name of my blog for quite some time now.

same girl, different side

so at first i was gonna wait until i’d taken the time to actually transition all of my old posts onto the new name, and also get rid of my splash screen, since 99% of everyone (including me) don’t use flash anymore. but work, and life, keep getting in the way.

in the meantime, i’ve gone ahead and changed my twitter handle to reflect the change. beyond that, and this, there’s not much else to say about it. i’ll still be anonymous, for my protection. i’ve not changed directions in any of my passions in the pursuit of a life lived to the fullest, and full of happiness.

i chose a name that, as near as i can tell, has no regional background, nor any religious one, and that suits me just fine. the name amerie means: a person who is famous, brave, and full of vigor. well, i don’t consider myself *that* famous, but i am brave (and also chicken shit) and full of vigor (and also so goddamn tired). so here we are. eventually the new domain will replace this one. hopefully by this fall, but i’m not pinning a deadline on it.

in the meantime, i’ll still post here, because full of vigor though i may be, i’m also too fuckin’ lazy to set up another whole site right now and manage it.

please come along with me?


by the way both this song, and this video, are appropriate as fuck.